We've called her "The Vertical Baby" since birth. She has always preferred to be upright, head looking over the shoulder or sitting up. She has been unhappy in her bouncer and car seat for a few weeks. She'll try to do a crunch to sit up. Today, after a La Leche League meeting that I dragged the big girls along to (though they didn't complain since there were 2 of Rhayn's classmates there and many other small children who played well with Gwennie) we went to the consignment store to try out Jumperoos. Only she didn't immediately love those. Plus they are big and take up a lot of space.
As soon as I set her into the Bumbo, I knew it was perfect for her. Exactly what we were looking for. She loves it. I put her in it, and she laughed and smiled so big. Though she stopped smiling when I got the camera out. And its purple, which is a great color on her, don't you think?

For each of my girls, there has been a color I loved on them when they were infants. Rhayn looked awesome in reds, Gwennie in blue and Natalie in purple, especially eggplant purple.

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lvh said...

Natalie is growing up so fast already - so cute and she does look good in purple.

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