Muck Out

Marshmallow and Chocolate, the school's geese, two boys.

The first Thursday of the month is "Muck Out Day" at Rhayn's school. They have animals, 3 goats(Coco, the mom, Coragin? and Apollo) and a sheep named Esther, who live in a barn that has to be cleaned out. My friend, A, is in charge of Animal Care so we try to go every month. We did miss April's muck out, since I was not even a week post partum.

Alright, I have helped clean out the barn, but usually I sit in a shady spot and watch the kids lunch boxes and water bottles. (Its an important job!) Rhayn is a great helper, usually. Gwennie thinks it is a playdate and enjoys talking to the kids. Poor Gwen spends far too much time with me and my adult friends. It is good for her to be around kids her age.
After a diaper change, I really dislike these diapers*, but will use them because they are easy when we are out.

Yesterday Natalie and I hung out under a big tree on a picnic blanket. It was hot in the sun, but pleasant in the shade. Natalie napped when we first got there. But soon woke up and stared up at the dappled light coming through the leaves of the big tree.
*Happy Heiny Pockets I'm not sure why, but she seems to get a rash in these. Also its nearly impossible to tell if she is wet until she is SOOOOOO wet. And poop comes out the leg holes. I prefer prefolds and covers right now. I did love pockets when Gwennie was older. There are so many different cloth diapers out there... so we'll see what works best as she grows.

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Amie said...

She's so long and lean huh? Not much chub on her! I love that close up picture. :)

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