Bras, bras, nursing bras.

It has taken me 2 days to write this! Natalie has been difficult and I am having a hard time getting anything done. Seriously the house is a mess.

When I was 20 I took my boobs for granted. They were there, but small. They were perky, too. I was totally happy with them. Never did I wish to have large boobies. I often went braless and never felt weird about it. I wore clothes that there is no way I could wear now. (But isn't that part of being 20?)

I am 33 now, and these, huge heavy things confuse me. I know, they are milk makers. They fed Gwennie for almost 3 years and they will feed Natalie for at least 2 (my goal). They have progressively gotten bigger with each child.And now finding bras is nearly impossible. Before I was pregnant (this time) I wore a solid 32D. Victoria's Secret just started carrying a bra that I loved in that size.

I have not been comfortable in the chest area since getting pregnant. I have no idea what size I currently am (32DD/F/G?). I think it best to wait until Natalie is a few months old and my milk production has evened out before getting measured and buying a bra (or two). I have 3 Medela bras left from nursing Gwennie, but they must be stretched out. When I first put them on I am comfortable, but within an hour I feel like pulling the bra off. This is also not an option because my breasts sag half way to my navel. I can't run up and down the stairs with no bra, I have to hold the ladies down. I even have a few nursing tanks, which I wear around the house. The biggest problem I have with these is the "uniboob syndrome". I like to have 2 separate breasts, who doesn't? Plus they aren't really that supportive and my back hurts a bit by the end of the day.

Summer is fast approaching, too. We are looking at 100 degree days this week. Bras are even worse in the summer. I hope I can find a good, supportive, *nursing bra... eventually.

*I've been told Bravado bras are great, but at $50 a bra.The closest place that sells them is about 30 miles away. I may have to drive over there soon. Bras, like shoes and glasses are totally worth paying more since you wear them every day, for BUT I have to love what I am buying or its a total waste or time and money.


Amie said...

Yup. You get fitted, right? It's a little awkward at first, but totally worth it as well.

Cornfed Princess said...

Okay you need to follow Annie's advice and get fitted. Also, investing in bras is like investing in your future or health. Why? Because these things are with us all our lives and some day when we're 80 we need them to be semi-up. With that said I just took my GIANT non-milk, but soon to be milk boobs to get fitted by the nice old lady at my favorite store. I am now a 36F, OMG, what will they be when my milk comes in? And let's not even talk about my aerolas(sp?) - holy dinner plates. So probably TMI, but I've been dying to tell you they're starting to scare me. :)

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