This week I am feeling grateful for~

~a baby who took a nice long nap today so that I could finally tackle some of the upstairs mess. Whew, it was really starting to get to me. I avoided looking at our toy room as much as possible because I felt overwhelmed and anxious whenever I looked in that room.

~Netflix finally getting Glee season 1 on instant play! Whoo hoo! I have spent much of the last week watching it. I really enjoy it though I still can't call myself a "Gleek" because that involved saliva and spitting/saliva (but not baby drool) grosses me out more than anything else I can think of.

~huge green plants in my garden. Its awesome. Also loving that my pomegranate tree has a couple of blossoms on it, even if one was accidentally bumped off this weekend.

~kids who played together so nicely yesterday. Rhayn and Gwennie were so cute. This weekend Rhayn helped Gwennie "learn" to climb the tree. I did have to stop them from climbing too high up, the branches can only support them to a certain height. When they sit up in the tree it really reminds me of my childhood. My brothers and I spent quite a lot of time in the upper branches of our mulberry trees.


Amie said...

Glad you continually have things to be thankful for. :) I have to admit I gave up on Glee this year. The entire first half of this season, there was literally ONE song I downloaded, and it wasn't even from the Glee kids, it was a group from the opposing school! I feel like they starting centering plots around songs they wanted to do, and most were a stretch at that. Plus? Every. Single. Episode. Was. About. Kurt. I'm all for sharing a little love, but Glee became "That Show About The Gay Kid." Sooo I gave up. Enjoy!

Amanda said...

I love that baby picture!! She looks like so much fun.


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