I am almost 39 weeks along. 1ish week to go (if this little bugger is anything like her/his sisters s/he'll come out on the 22 or 23rd. Next week! Egad.)

Yesterday Rhayn and I took a Mommy/Daughter afternoon out. I promised to replace her bed sheets for her birthday (the ones that she has been using were bought before she was born.) We went to lunch while we were out which was really nice. Then we went to Ikea, and also the mall to the Lego store. By that time I was totally ready to be home. She didn't fuss at me when I told her it was time to go. Maybe my grimace as I was walking and my waddle made her see that I was uncomfortable.

Saturday we hosted Rhayn's birthday party. She had quite a few classmates over for a Harry Potter themed party, many of the kids came dressed as students from Hogwarts, some simply came as Muggles. They made wands, estimated the number of "Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans" in a jar (these were really just Jelly Bellies.)While Will took the kids just down the street to play Quidditch, my friend P and I ran to the store to pick up pizza and the cake. It was a bit warm so the Quidditch match didn't last long and they all headed back to the house to "find the snitch" which was a puzzle for the kids to figure out.The kids ate pizza and enjoyed a small slice of ice cream cake (birthday cake flavored!) We attempted to make Butterbeer, which I think would be best served HOT, as the butter in it just coagulated on the top of the cold drink. (No, we didn't serve the kids Butterbeer with dry ice in it, this was only for effect!)
After the food came presents. Then parents started to arrive to pick up their kids. We think everyone had fun, but its hard to say. Rhayn will ask them next week if they had a good time. Which brings me to the final thing I am so grateful for this week---

IT IS SPRING BREAK! BABY! No school, no lunches to pack (unless of course we go to the zoo, which is the plan for later on this week.) Now if only the baby would come this week, it would be perfect!


lvh said...

sounds like a really fun party. I'm definitely not ready for the heat of AZ - we went for a walk yesterday and it felt nice - temp was about 5.

Elise said...

cross your legs, you gotta wait til after friday nite :). I am hoping to swap cars with joe around 6 in Mesa so i wont be too late that nite. see you later

Amanda said...

sending baby thoughts your way! Enjoy a restful (maybe productive in a certain way) week!

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