I know, I didn't post yesterday. You all thought I went into labor and had a baby, didn't you? (Unless you are on Facebook, because I have been pretty good about updating my non-laboring status there.)

I'm still pregnant. I am still uncomfortable.
Its my "official" due date today. What does that mean? Absolutely nothing (say it again!) ABSOLUTELY NOTHING

How am I feeling?
weird. tired. gassy. crampy. mean. tired. stinky. irritable. did I mention tired? spazzy. out-of-it. should not be driving.

I took a hot bath last night, and while relaxing had some lovely contractions. They continued on every 10 mintues for about an hour after. I finally told Will, and he suggested I call the midwife. My response was that I would wait until 8pm, if they were still happening I would call her. As soon as I told him about it (and allowed him to get a little excited) they fizzled out. I think I had 2 more in the hour before I went to bed. I had a few in the night but only when I had to pee or had just peed.

I did not wake up thinking "Today is the day!" which is how I felt yesterday. I'm holding out hope that I will go into labor like I did with Rhayn, the night of her due date I was in my math class (at college) and could not concentrate. I feel like that now, can't concentrate really. It does have my hopes up, but at the same time... I don't want to get my hopes up at all, because I don't want to be disappointed.

I am worried about how my parents will get here. I want them here. They've been at both the girls' births. But there is also a part of me that wouldn't mind it just being Will and I in a room alone. Then I remember how much Rhayn wants to be there, but Gwennie doesn't, she wants her grandpa to take her for a walk and to be here JUST FOR HER.

Ughh, can you tell I am all over the place today? My brain feels like mush but its running a 100 miles a minute.

I need it to slow down and I need the house to be cleaned.

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Amanda said...

soon so soon. One way or another baby, you are coming soon!

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