Dog Sitting

Bella as viewed around my 39 week belly.

Our friends were able (lucky them!) to go out of town for Spring break. They have pets and since we live relatively close we are checking on their cats while they are away. And their Pomchi, Bella, is staying with us.
Lily and Bella practicing to be guard dogs. They bark at the people and dogs that go by.

Bella is a high energy dog. I mean she puts Lily to shame with her boundless energy. Will took them for a 2 mile run, sure he had to slow down a little to accommodate short legs, but Bella did it. Back at home, Lily laid down for the rest of the day. Did Bella stop? Um, no. She wanted to play. She ripped up her "bird" and paced until we finally crated her for the night.
A rare moment of calm, Lily worn out from a run, Bella resting for a second amidst the innards of her toy.

Lily acts like she doesn't like Bella. But we all know its not true. She loves having another dog around. Sure Lily gets quite jealous. Bella is smart, she plays fetch and will sit still while Gwennnie brushes her. Lily will push her way into the mix trying to get more attention because her puppy love language is touch and praise. Bella is all about the food! But I know Lily loves that other dog.

Last night I brought Bella's crate upstairs so she couldn't hear our neighbors chihuahua barking all night which causes her to bark all night. This morning at a little before 6am, Lily (who usually sleeps downstairs) was whining at me to get up. I ignored her for a while (maybe 20 minutes) and when I finally did rise, she was laying right next to Bella's crate waiting patiently for me to let her out so that they could play.

And thus began another crazy dog day.

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