Corners of my home or Nesting Part 2

I am 95% done with the living room redo. I still have a little adjusting to do to make everything pretty. There is a chance that some things may not stay where they are (the weights and dog bed). But so far so good. Gwennie loves the redo because it gave her more room to spin and dance in the living room.
Sitting area: sectional, lazyboy.
The entertainment center and the chocolate wall. I LOVE how the wood looks against that dark brown wall. At night it really blends in. The rugs will be moved to the wall with the lone clock. Not sure where the clock will go.

Its amazing how big moving those pieces of furniture made the room feel. We did get rid of a few things (moved upstairs for now) like the desk.
Lily is adjusting to the change. She isn't exactly happy about it all, but she will get over it, eventually.
Why do kids want to show some little toy in pictures? She has a small stuffed tiger in her right hand.


Amie said...

Nice job! I really like your couch. And ottoman. And entertainment center. And you're right, my kids do that too, particularly Cameron!

BrieP said...

I love it! Nesting is great wish I had soome of that right now!

You should see my house all I have is a lone loveseat! :-(

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