Gratitude for the new year

Its now 2011, has been for a few, not so glorious days. You see there is mucous that has decided it really likes my left maxillary sinus. (If you didn't know that is the one behind your cheek bone.) It hurts. Its hurt for like three days. If I lay around it will feel slightly better, but then my nose gets all stuffed up and that is no fun either.

Plus, there is this strong desire to clean my house and move furniture around. I am looking at rooms that I could switch around and wondering about it... I've cleaned both girls rooms so completely that I like being in them. Mine on the other hand happens to be covered in Star Wars action figures and I don't like that at all. But it means that Will is going through them to catalog and box them all up. This is a good thing.

I should mention the things I am most grateful for right now.

  • The third trimester. I'm 29 weeks, that means baby-boo is about 2 1/2 pounds. I can almost make out arms and legs when the little little moves around at night.
  • Lily is such a good dog. Seriously, I am enjoying her so much right now. She's finally adjusting back to being the one and only canine in the house. And our house is so much calmer with just her. I loved Penny, I really did. I think if she'd been our one and only it would have been fine, but Lily's been ours longer.
  • Gwennie wants to learn to read. She has been talking about it for a few weeks now. Will gave her 3 sight words to learn (Gwen, cat and dog), I bought her a workbook, and when she learns enough to read simple words and sentences she will get her very own library card. She is really excited about that. She wants to know everything, proving again how much off her Daddy's daughter she really is.
  • Rhayn is trying to be a big help around here. She works hard and can be really funny. I know I take her for granted, and I need to work hard on breaking that habit. She love to draw and design clothes for her stuffed cat. I need to spend some time documenting that. Its really neat.
  • Will cleaned the litter box for me the other night, even though it was late, and we were all tired. Even though my nose was stuffed I could smell it. I am really thankful for that.

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