I am so tired today. I feel like I could fall asleep sitting or standing. I also feel just plain bleh. Not quite like the pregnant bleh I have been feeling, more like coming down with something bleh. I really want to sleep...

But first, I really want to take a shower to see if it clears my head. (I am stuffy.) Will seems to feel a bit under the weather, too. So maybe we are sick.

All I know for sure is that I am ready to feel awesome. Really ready to not be tired. Really ready to be able to eat anything (and everything.) Now, please.

Edited to add- Every time I mention that I haven't puked in a while I end up puking. Sucky. Also I did take a short nap and a shower, neither of which made me feel better as I was sitting at Gwennie's soccer practice (pictures tomorrow, she is so flippin' cute!)

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