Gratitude Monday

I am thankful for
  • finding a peaceful moment anytime anywhere. The above picture was taken behind a Circle K whilst Gwennie and I had a beverage and waited for Joann's to open on Friday.
  • coffee chats with friends
  • planned playdates with goofy and fun people.
  • watching my husband help build a chicken coop for Rhayn's teacher's end of the year gift.
    He is really awesome at this sort of thing. Now I just need him to help me build the playhouse I have been thinking of for a year or so.
  • fun afternoons out with my cousin, Hairball. Taking pictures of action figures while we're out (picture story will be posted later) as is our grand tradition.
  • planning and lists. We are starting our rhythm this week. I have written out the things I want to get done each day and printed it out. I'm already doing something different because we have a planned playdate tomorrow and usually Tuesday is my laundry day, so I am doing laundry today.
  • better outlooks on life. My period finally started on Saturday afternoon. Because my hormones have stabilized everything is looking up. I am over being depressed that once again we were not pregnant, and am looking at a possible February baby due around our 8th anniversary. That would be nice, right? I am also over being upset because someone else in our family is expecting (Congrats! I really hope its a girl!) and am looking forward to the fun all of these little kids will have whilst they are growing up. (My mom also mentioned that this will make my hopeful baby lucky grandchild number 13! How cool is that? 3rd child, when mom turns 33 and number 13. Love numbers.)


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and I hope this is your month!

lvh said...

Feb would be a great month for a baby - a month filled with love and your mom's b'day. Don't think we have a lot of feb birthdays in the family. Hang in there.

Amanda said...

Three is a very very good number! And... February has a very pretty birthstone, so if you want to wear a mother's ring, or necklace, or tattoo... As long as you like purple.

bodaat said...

cheers to a better week for you!!

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