Feeling Fruity

Where is the time going? Not really sure. But there is a lot going on at our house, and in our lives (No, I am not pregnant... I wish.) Right now it feels like everything in our lives is up in the air and we are trying are darnedest to not drop any balls. Mostly its Will who is juggling so much and keeping us all aloft.

Some random thoughts-

I wish I had a ton of interesting news and tidbits to share, but I don't. I guess that is a good thing.I really need to get out and take a picture of my tomato plants, they are insanely huge and covered in fruit. I can not wait for it to turn red/yellow/purple! (I decided to go ahead and do this while I was thinking of it!)

This morning I planted a pomegranate tree. I dug the hole yesterday, so this morning I purchased a five gallon plant and popped that puppy in the ground. I don't care if it gives me fruit. I am not the hugest pomegranate fan. However they are beautiful trees that grow fairly quickly and have lovely blooms.


bodaat said...

oh yes i love the pomegranate flowers! so very pretty!

hairball said...

i hope Will doesn't drop any balls. (oops that might be a little inappropriate)

Amie said...

I'm glad it's Will with all the balls. :)

My tomato bush has been going going growing like crazy! Every few days I go out there and pull at least a dozen. I share with the neighbors.

They're small, but yummy. (the tomatoes, not the neighbors)

Amanda said...

Ok, first,
Great tomatoes! I can't wait for ours to start doing that!

And, I totally covet your new tree. I want one!

And, Amie makes me laugh. Small yummy neighbors...

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