I have always known that Gwennie is a carbon copy of her father. He jokes a lot saying that the cloning was nearly perfect and that there is only one thing that is different then him (she is a she!)
She is a smart little girl, and also is quite obstinate. (Um, stubborn much?)
She looks like him, is built like him, loves him more than me (now that we are no longer nursing, she has little need for me at all.)
Her blond hair is the same color as his was at her age.
Her skin color is similar to his, and nothing like mine (although she easily tans and doesn't burn, more like me.)
Her feet are shaped like his, triangular and very stabilizing. (Her balance is amazing, mine? not so much.)
However about a week ago I noticed something that pushed her over the edge.
She has these spots on both of her cheeks.
A sweet smattering of freckles.

No, he doesn't have freckles on his face like this, his are on his arms. But his sisters have freckles, whereas there aren't any in my family at all.


hairball said...

does daddy have those freckles too?

leaner said...

No, I forgot to finish the post.

bodaat said...

you know their pictures in the banner on your blog are very similar too! they have the same smile and the same expression!

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