Last night Will called to say good night, you see he is away for the weekend at training. I was so grateful for that simple phone call. The girls worry when he is gone, Gwennie worries more than any child should about her daddy when he is "at work."

Tonight Rhayn is at her very first slumber party. She was so excited because they are all sleeping outside, but she seemed a little nervous. She has stayed the night at this friend's house many times, but not with all of these kids from her class. I remember being nervous about sleep-overs, too. I wanted to take her in my arms and put her in the car and drive her home. I know she will be fine, and that tomorrow when I pick her up she will tell me of the fun she had. It doesn't stop me from worrying, because I am her mom, and that is my job.

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Everyday Mom Designs said...

I'm glad he called.. and oh boy... I'm anxious (good and bad) about those sleepover days..

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