Easter hiking.

Easter was a lovely day, so we went for a short wildflower viewing hike. We took our dogs, and met up with some friends. It was a little warm, especially for Penny. But we all had a very nice time. It felt good to be outside enjoying what may be the last nice weekend until November.

Gwennie did a great job hiking. She would start dragging but as soon as she had a drink of water, she was off again.

Rhayn enjoyed the time outside, but its nearly impossible to even get her to LOOK at the camera, let alone to smile at it.

Penny quickly found shade any time we stopped for a few minutes. Unfortunately Penny also had diarrhea on the trail, which caused us to turn around and head home soon after this rest stop.

Lily enjoyed the shade as well, but she wasn't as quick to settle into rest. Lily was excellent even allowing Rhayn to walk her for a while. I was really opposed to the Gentle Leader face harnesses, but it makes walking these massively muscled dogs so much easier. The control we have over the dogs is amazing. I still don't like the way these look, but I love the control.

Pretty flower on a cactus, you can't really tell but this is a fairly small cactus.


bodaat said...

as you may have seen from my pictures, i have to use a gentle leader on shila as well. she's very good on the leash unless she sees a cat and then she can easily drag me. in fact, i switched to the gentle leader after an incident where she dragged me across a patch of wet grass (i was tummy down, holding on for dear life). :) i hate how they look as well and get tired of telling people that it's not a muzzle. for goodness sake, she could still bite you if she really wanted to! but you're right...in the end, the control is amazing. :) sorry for the wordy response.

Amanda said...

I have a little crush on Lilly. She is so cute!

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