Party time

Tomorrow we are having a small birthday party for Rhayn. She is really excited to have her friends over to play. I am excited for her but more so for it to be over.

Why is a birthday party stressful? Why? We are ordering cake from Costco and having pizza (also from Costco). A good friend is bringing hummus and nearly everything else is taken care of. Sure we don't really have games planned and the house isn't yet cleaned (enough). But that won't take very long will it? Not likely. I did clean up our patio a bit and today after school Rhayn will be on poop duty.

Will is being really helpful and I know I can rely on him to take charge. I am so thankful for that. I do not like to be in charge, and he is good at it.

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Amie said...

I know it's already happened but I'm just reading it now... we learned a while ago that you clean AFTER the party...not before. Your house, yard, kitchen, etc will get trashed and dirty within minutes. Mop the floors later!

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