I am very glad that Spring Break is over. Not because Rhayn was driving me crazy, no it was just a bad week. Although this week is not starting off much better.

Last week when we went to the zoo, our car started overheating. In order to make it home I drove most of the way with the heater on full blast. This morning I drove Rhayn to school and within the 15 minute drive it began overheating again. It would be ok as long as I was going 45, as soon as I slowed at a light the temperature would begin creeping back up. I drove straight to the mechanic we usually go to. My fingers were crossed the whole way that it would be something small. No such luck. Its a big deal because its something in the engine (they have to take part of the engine apart to fix it.) Ugh. Its not cheap, either.

I also wasn't able to go to the grocery store. We have food, but I like to go with just Gwennie. Tomorrow through Thursday I have a little friend that I watch, and the grocery store is harder with two kids.

Last weekend we began the great office reorganization project of 2010. Hopefully we won't have to do this again for a long while. We had to purchase a serious paper shredder, and within a few hours of having it, we broke the auto-feed. You have to hold down the forward button. I do plan on returning it for a new one. It would work really well if we weren't shredding 2 bankers boxes full of documents.

The reorganization is taking more time than Will originally thought, there was a lot more to go through than looked like on the surface. Its funny how much stuff we have acquired. It does feel great to rid ourselves of junk we haven't used in a years.

As for me, and my emotional state, well I am doing better. Apparently by the time I had announced my pregnancy to the world, it was already going away because by the time I had the HCG levels done on Tuesday they were at the level of a non-pregnant woman. The doctor says that since I got a positive pregnancy test I most likely passed everything naturally and she said not to worry unless I start having pains or feel off. She can't say for sure that I was pregnant ever, but I know I was, and the tests all had clear lines on them (I took like 4, because 3 come in a pack and I of course didn't believe the first one.) However I should have known something was off when the lines never got darker, they should get progressively darker over a few day time frame. Mine didn't.

This month is going to be long and hard, because first of all, I need to let my body fully heal. Second, if we got pregnant this month, the baby would have a due date of December 23rd, and I just can't do that to my child. Of course, if I did somehow get pregnant this month, I wouldn't cry about it. I just would rather not try. So here is hoping for a late January 2011 baby.

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lvh said...

Cars used to be a lot easier to work on. Back in 1974, I was driving our Chevy Nova and it started over-heating. JW was at work so I pulled out his auto repair manual and found that the most likely cause was a bad thermostat. I pulled out the tools and removed the thermostat from the radiator. The book said I could put the thermostat in boiling water and if it did not open, I would have to buy a new one. JW came home to find a thermostat cooking on the stove. He just laughed at me saying "thermostats are so cheap you just replace them - you don't cook them." Definitely not fun to have to throw money at a vehicle - hope they get it fixed soon for you.

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