Fashionista? I am not.

The most fashionable person in my house is my husband. Seriously. He dresses wonderfully, in fact this morning I was rather blown away by his outfit. He had on a long sleeved button up shirt, a sport coat, jeans and dressy yet casual shoes. I love looking at him when he is dressed thusly.

Rhayn and I are not snazzy dressers. Gwennie is the source of amusement and I think she will be our true fashionista, as she is quite picky about her clothes (fit and style and color). I love her outfits. This outfit is one of my favorites and it actually goes together, in a way.

You can't see her shirt, but its pink, like her boots with a green argyle, this is under a jacket that her dad bought her for Christmas. The shorts were pants until a few days ago. They were a pair of Rhayn's that were passed down (seen below, September 2004). Gwennie has loved these pants, wearing them at least once a week for the last year or so. Summer, winter, she doesn't care. She loves them. I kept the bottom (the cut off part) to use someday in a quilt (I hope.) And her pink cowboy boots? I love them.

While I was trying to take a picture of her outfit on Monday, she decided she needed to take a picture (or two) of me. In this one, I invited Lily into my lap, as she is not allowed normally, and then she proceeded to give me kisses. Penny was jealous. (I think I smelled like cooking chicken.)

I keep hoping that someday Will's fashion sense will rub off on me, just a little. I don't think I am a terrible dresser, but I ask him (quite often) if my outfit "goes" before I head out for the day. I stick to jeans and t-shirts of various sizes and styles. Today while the girls and I were out, I saw someone who looked how I would love to look. She wore a little black dress, with some killer heels, and had awesomely spiked dark hair. I looked at myself in a window and sighed before looking quickly away. Its not that I a displeased with my appearance, I am just not in love with how I look. I want my girls to look up to ME as a fashion DO, and I don't want them to make fun of me. I want to be able to help them dress. Are there classes you can take? Is there help out there?

Feel free to make fun of my shoes. I don't care. These are Keens and so darn comfortable. I love them.


BrieP said...

I totally know how you feel. I don't know how to dress my body. I like your shirt in the picture.

leaner said...

I looove that shirt, too. I knew you would understand, from one t-shirt and jeans girl to another?

Cornfed Princess said...

Fashion is how you rock it. If you feel hot & sexy then you look damn good. I adore your boots - I have transitioned into winter cozy clothes. I personally think my Danskos & Uggs(Christmas present, hello we're poor!) are super sexy with my jeans & GIANT sweaters. You look good sister - rock it & own it.

Mo said...
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Mo said...

Oops, messed up the first time around!

I always feel so dowdy and boring these days. I have always been rather a "grungy" dresser and that is how I feel most comfortable. I also have an image in my mind of how I would like to look if I could be bothered but it is unlikely that day will come anytime soon.

Footwear is a major issue for me. I like clunky boots best but they aren't very suitable for AZ so I am always in flip flops in the summer.

For what it is worth, I always think how much of your own sense of style you do have, and how great and effortless you look. So there you go my friend!

Wayne said...

I'm the same way. Cristina and I went to the movies last weekend, and I realized that she had this great look, fashionably European, with her wool jacket and scarf and crocheted cap...and I looked like a slob: sloppy zippered hoodie over my goofy Harkins free-popcorn t-shirt, habitual jeans, and slip-on suede Birks because I was too lazy to tie lace-up shoes. The only way I think I could be fashionable is if Cristina picked my clothes. Maybe Will could do that for you.

Melissa said...

I don't consider myself a fashionista by any stretch of the word - lol. I'm cool with that. I have, however, finally shifted my closet to more fit my "style/personality" then what it used to. I'm all about comfort and ease, and I used to have a closet full of pretty much nothing but jeans and t-shirts... which I find to be both comfortable and easy (ahhaa... both of my criteria met! lol). I think jeans and t's are wonderful, I still have quite a few that I love. But the day in and day out of ONLY jeans and t's ... but I didn't feel like my wardrobe really displayed my own unique personality. I wanted to change that. Not so much because of a certain "look" I hoped to achieve, but because I wanted my clothes to genuinely reflect me.

I slowly (because we're not made of money, lol) began the process of only letting myself buy pieces of clothing that I absolutely LOVED! Even if I really really liked a top, I wouldn't let myself buy it unless I fell in love with it the second I tried it on (look, feel, moveability). Made for some heartbreaking shopping trips, as I left a graveyard of really cute, really likable pieces behind, haa! As I started getting more and more pieces that I loved, I was getting rid of more and more out of my closet that I didn't. No preconceived notions of what my style was, or what I wanted to look like... I went by pure instinct. Something caught my eye, I tried it on. If I loved everything about it ... it was mine! lol. My own unique style began to emerge, and I love it! I probably wouldn't get any awards for fashion, haha, but it absolutely reflects ME.

LOVE your boots, btw!

bodaat said...

i heart keens. :) and i heart gwen's pink boots too.

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