Cycling through the season

The Christmas season is always full of a range of emotions. This year, at least the past few weeks, has been a lot of freaking out on my part. I don't know why, as I am way ahead of where I normally am. I keep losing my temper with the girls, and I feel awful about it.

I need to slow down, to enjoy the season. Most of my shopping is done, and what isn't done is all on a single paper and list. (Should be done in one easy trip to Joanns, if I could ever get out with out a certain munchkin.) This year is better than last year, because Will is home.

This week, I think my big problem is hormonal. I am all set to have my moon on the 19th. Usually the week or two before that are lows for me. I am looking forward to the week after I start. I am usually much happier and pleasant.

I need our house to be more clean, but am I doing it? (Hint, I am on the computer at the moment, so is anything getting clean?) I have sat down to write this post a few times today, but it is just not coming out well, so I am done trying to write it in a flowery way. I think I am just going to publish it and be done.

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