Christmas 2009

Although Christmas this year came and went so fast it feels like a blur, we all agreed that this year was the best Christmas ever.

Rhayn kept telling us how great the day was. Gwennie was so pleased to give us all gifts that she had wrapped from her own arsenal of toys. (I finally had to take away the wrapping paper as she kept wrapping her horses and putting them under and in the tree in the days leading up to Christmas.)

Will was glad to be home, and we were all more than pleased to have him here. His presence at all of our traditional gatherings has made them so much better. He even participated in games at my aunt's house. (Where we all missed Hairball, but understood that having a week old baby does give you an excuse to go home early.)

I look back at last year, and wonder how I even functioned through the depression that filled me. I was unable to cope with hardly any of the issues thrown my way. While this year, for the most part, everything has rolled off my back. I wasn't even plagued by Christmas Day depression. (Usually after the gifts are opened I feel this major let down.)

This year, sure I am sad that its all over, but I am still just pleased that Will is home. (He might say otherwise.) I am dealing with a little bit of depression, but honestly nothing like last year. I think that must have been my lowest point the entire year.

We went easy on the gifts this year, but still managed to have an enjoyable Christmas with very few (if any) of those gifts that you immediately want to regift. All in all, it was one of those Christmases that we will always remember with fondness.


lvh said...

cute jammies - sounds like you had a great christmas. Where's the pictures of the girl's fairies? Happy new year to all of you.

bodaat said...

i'm so happy for you that your family is together again and enjoying Christmas and New Years. very, very happy for you all!

cristina said...

i am in love with your jammies too! loved the pics - the girls look so happy. hugs to you all.

leaner said...

Cristina, that is because we have similar taste in jammies (remember our dia de los muertos matcing jamies?)

Thanks Bo. :)

Alicia said...

What a nice day for everyone! Merry Christmas, Helena.

PS: also love the PJs:)

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