Gratitude Day 30

I am thankful that Gwennie is such an easy child. Today would have been taxing on many children, but she rolled with it. You see we had to go get some maintenance done on the truck and I figured that while there, I would get something done with my hair.

We dropped the truck off around 8:45 and walked over to Safeway and I purchased some coffee and a vanilla milk for her. Then we went to Fantastic Sam's. We were there for about 2 hours. Gwennie drew letters she saw on a box while my hair processed. She helped the lady take the foils out of my hair, too. She is such a good helper.

Here is a picture of Gwennie and her letters. I think the box said RAFFLE and she was copying them in no particular order. She would run over to the box, look at the letters then run back to her chair to write it. She did this over and over before asking me what it said.

After my hair was done, we walked back to the mechanic and checked on progress. We were told it would be about another half an hour before it was taken back for diagnosis. Gwennie and I walked to Panda Express (her choice) for lunch. After which we wandered around CVS for a while.

We headed back to the mechanic and waited there. Gwennie took a nap.

I attempted to take a picture of my hair, but it isn't good. I can do better, but yeah....

I called a friend to pick up Rhayn when I realized that we would not be done by 3. She brought Rhayn to where I was, and we all walked over to Sonic for a tasty mid afternoon treat. (I am grateful for her help.)

We finally got home at 4:30. The dogs had been crated for about 8 1/2 hours and Penny hadn't had an accident in there. (I am thankful for that, too!) All in all not too bad of a day, the weather was lovely for spending it outside, and Gwennie is so much fun to hang out with. I love four year olds. I think its my favorite age. I remember how much I enjoyed Rhayn at this age, too.


bodaat said...

Love your hair! And I love the funny position Gwennie ended up sleeping in. :)

Amie said...

1: your hair looks awesome
2: that nap looks uncomfortable
3: what a fabulous little girl she is! There's no way my kiddos could last a marathon day like that! great job gwennie!

leaner said...

Thanks, I like my hair. Gwennie is the most awesome kid, I am always amazed at what she will tolerate.

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