Shave and a HAIR CUT!?

A quick reminder of the cuteness that was Gwennie just yesterday.

I am watching one of Gwennie's little friends today. I was baking some bread and making chicken stock this morning. The two girls had gone upstairs to play and were being really quiet. I checked on them multiple times, but didn't stay upstairs with them. (I was also cleaning the kitchen and the 4 cups of steaming hot chicken stock I spilled all over the counter and on the floor, well the dogs cleaned the floor for me.)

At 12:15 we left to go pick up Rhayn from school, as its a half day. We were in the garage, and Gwennie was tryig to open the garage by pushing the button. This was the moment I noticed it. Someone had cut her hair.

The left side (above) only has a tiny piece chopped off. But the right side? Butchered.

Looks like a flippin' mullet. So nice. Its not the first time her hair has been trimmed (by her or Rhayn). Luckily for us, we had her four year old pictures taken yesterday. There is no way to save her length. She wanted to grow it out, but now? Well we shall be cutting it quite short. Maybe this, the third, time she will learn not to cut her hair or to let others cut it. The other girlie said she did it, and Gwennie said she let her. Fun times. It doesn't look like they cut the other girlie's hair. Thankfully. I'm sorry M, I wasn't watching them very closely and well, Gwennie chopped your daughter's beautiful hair off.

(By the way, they are sitting nicely at the table playing with salt dough I made for them while I write this post. I am keeping a better eye on them from now on.)

Update- as girlie #2 is taking a nap. I trimmed her hair, as best I could.

It could be more even. I will most likely go back to it later. But for now? Its cute, in an "I'm a boy in a pink dress" sort of way. Actually, I love it. Believe me, at one point she wanted a high and tight, "just like my Daddy", while he was gone. I talked her out of that. She totally could have pulled it off I think. She is just that cute.


bodaat said...

it's very cute!!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

lol.. kids... looks cute though!

HomegrownTexan said...

I think both of your girls sport the short haircut very well. Very cute!

And...OMG, little Rhayn! *sniff*

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