mish mash

I have a headache. It just won't go away, and I am sure it is from the cold, some remnant of infection, still lingering in my head. It hurts, and is only lessened by mad amounts of ibuprofen and sudafed. (Would it possibly be better with real sudafed and not the stuff they sell now?) My head is stuffed up again, and I have thick, green mucous. Yummers. There is nothing like having to spit out of the car window because you are driving and coughing up nasties.

Yesterday was cook-a-thon day. Whew, we got a lot done. It was sad, because one of our number has moved to another state. She called while we cooked and it was nice to talk to her. We have a new friend cooking with us. It was fun to meet someone new. I love the comraderie of the cook-a-thon. You really get to know people, and feel a part of community when you are working with other people that way.

After school, Rhayn and one of the other kids in her class (his mom does cook-a-thon, too) were able to walk a few blocks to another classmate's house to ask if he could play in the park. Then while the kids were out in the park, another family from the school showed up (they live on that same block. Their youngest is one of Gwennie's friends.) It made me feel very sad for my kids, not living in the same neighborhood they go to school in. Many of these families moved to that neighborhood because of the proximity to the school. It was nice to let Rhayn walk around, without feeling like I needed to be on her, because she was with a large group of friends.

When we were kids we were able to do that, all of the time. We were sent out into the world, loose, free, until the street lights came on. (I actually don't remember what our rules were. Mom?) I remember walking to the swimming pool unsupervised in the summer, nearly every day. I wish Rhayn had that. I think its mostly because we don't have friends in the neighborhood, and she doesn't have a sibling close in age to buddy with (I have G'Rat, who is only fourteen months younger than I.)

Ahem... I totally lost my train of thought, serious medication is making me feel funky. I know I had a plan for this post, something that I wanted to talk about... well and I am sure there is a more eloquent way to say what I want to say... alas, I am totally done. My brain is mush and I think its time to rest for a bit while the clothes dry on the line, its taking longer today due to (FINALLY!) cooler weather.


Pen-nut said...

The "real" sudaphed that you have to buy from the pharmacy is the only kind that works for me, and I have serious sinus issues. Mucinex D - also from the pharmacy - is also a good one. Good luck!! Hope you feel better soon.

leaner said...

Yes, that is exactly the sudafed I was talking about. I think we have some around somewhere, but I really need to purchase some more. I think Mucinex D is guifanessin? It breaks up mucous, Yes? We have some generic brand of that around here somewhere, too.
I really need to use my Neti Pot, that would be the BEST idea.

HomegrownTexan said...

Guaifinesin (or however the heck you spell it) is Mucinex, and yes, it breaks up mucous. Good stuff.

I, too, wish we could let the kids go free more. I try to find little opportunities to do it here and there, but it's not something we can do on a regular basis. My oldest wants to ride his bike around the neighborhood. In this neighborhood? Um...no. Maybe I would feel better if he had a group of friends to go with; I hadn't thought about that, really.

I was kind of a loaner, so didn't pal around with friends all day. But I do remember riding around the neighborhood on my bike when I was our oldest kids' age. I think the rule was two streets over, either direction. Then we moved to a rural area when I was 8 and I was allowed to ride (or walk) a half mile to our mailbox (in the summer this was a chore that I complained about ;) ). It was on a main road that was narrow, curvy, and had no shoulders, so I wasn't allowed onto that other than to stand and wait for the school bus to pick me up there in the mornings.

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