A Vow: In Preparation.

On Wednesday I have to take a mad amount of laxatives in preparation for my colonoscopy. I am not looking forward to it.

The actual procedure doesn't worry me at all. They give you some pretty good medication to make it comfortable. It isn't a long process either. The thing that is freaking me out? Not being able to eat all day tomorrow while having to take laxatives to clean my intestines completely out. I like food, and not being able to eat is going to make me grumpy, REALLY grumpy. Will has been warned, and there is nothing else I can do to prepare.


HomegrownTexan said...

Ugh. I've had to do something similar for some diagnostic procedures I had to have done several years ago. I didn't respond very well to it at all. No advice, only sympathy. Maybe sleep as much as you can, just to kind of "hide".

Anonymous said...

My mom said that the day before the colonoscopy was worse than the procedure itself. You'll rock it!

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