I met my new nephew yesterday, its been 9 years since we had a boy born in our family, so it was quite the occasion. On my way home, I started sneezing uncontrollably. I almost had to pull over due to the sneezes. My entire face was red and blotchy when I walked in the house.

I had to take a dose of medication in the middle of the night due to the stuffiness and headache. I took a hot shower in the morning, and it cleared my head for a while. Then I made myself chicken noodle soup, too. After lunch I attempted to take a nap, but couldn't breath so I kept waking up. I fearful it will be more of the same tonight, too.

Of course, I am worried that I gave my freshly born nephew a cold. How awful would that be? Gwennie had her first cold at 4 months old. It was miserable, and I got a nice case of mastitis from it. Fun times. Lets cross our fingers that he stays healthy.

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Anonymous said...

I was wondering who that baby belonged to since you didn't mention being pregnant.... HAHA!! He's precious! I hope you feel better!

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