Outside at my house.

I haven't posted many pictures lately, have I? Most of the pictures I have taken have been of Lily. When you nearly lose something, you are more inclined to spend time with it. Plus, I have been internalizing what I learned while talking to the counselor.

Remember how I was watching my friend's dog, Ollie? Yeah. The psycho dog... well he and Penelope dug up a ficus benjamina that I had for about seven years. It was really upset, but it is just a plant. It was beautiful, and braided and the first plant I had kept alive... oh well.

Today I went to a local nursery and asked them what I could plant, or put around the base of a tree in a pot that would keep the dog from digging. He suggested a carpet rose, it grows fast, has very sturdy thorns, and is hearty. I picked up 2 of them, because I have a potted ficus in the front yard, too. I thought it would look pretty in that pot as well. I also needed to get a new tree for the pot. I ended up with some kind of a laurel. It should bloom once a year with purple flowers that smell like grape soda. As long as Penelope doesn't dig it up, it will be awesome.

The rose plant I picked is huge. I was able to wrap it around the pot and secure it so that it will cover more of the dirt. I also sprayed some "digging deterrent" that I bought. (Its basically hot pepper spray.)

I have given up on my garden for the time being. Seriously, every day when I come home Lily is curled up in the dirt of my raised bed garden. She jumps out as soon as she sees me, so I can't get a picture of her. She and Penelope have dug enough of the dirt out that when they are in there, you can barely see the top of their heads. They dug up and destroyed every plant besides the basil. Why is that? Do they not like basil? I am researching fences. But it has to be at least 48 inches all and very sturdy so that she can't jump it. (Um, well she can jump more than that... but she might be less likely.) Plus I am going to put a sun shade over the sand box and hope they start laying over their when its shaded.

Oh, and it is too darn hot to do anything outside anyway. I had to trim my mesquite tree a few days ago, and didn't finish because it was so hot, that I started feeling faint. Sigh. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate July? Its hot and only the real beginning of the humid, heat that is monsoon season. Bleh.


hairball said...

you could always try the electric fence like my dad did. works on dogs and kids. what a bonus!!!

Mo said...

Ah yes, dogs and gardens! I have fought a battle for years with Tex, and though he is much better now that he is older, he still surprises me sometimes by digging a huge hole. Luckily the veggie garden has a picket fence across it and they can't get in, otherwise I wouldn't grow anything.

I am taking a break from the garden too right now and planning for the Fall. I also dislike July intensly. For me it is the worse month of all.

Jess said...

Ugh! That sounds very frustrating. I have no advise as I have no dogs, I hope that the carpet roses work and you get to keep your potted plants at least.

Amie said...

So sad about your plant! I'd be heart sick! I've pretty much stopped watering my garden, although my green onions are still growing great and I have a ton of small green tomatoes growing (so maybe I shouldn't give up on those) but everything else is browning quickly. The zuke plants looks so sad, but at least I got those two big zucchinis out of it. We'll try again in Sept/October, ok?! =)

bodaat said...

chilli pepper flakes and cayenne pepper work to keep my doggies out of my flowers. i make them smell it straight from the bottle first so that they know how bad it smells and then sprinkle generously in the pots. totally works. good luck!

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