My mind is filled with thoughts, fears, worries. I don't even know where to begin with them, or how to categorize them in order to deal with them.

Its like having a ton of work dumped on you, and having to wade through it to determine which of these projects you will tackle first. But then you realize that until you work though this other one, you can't start that one. And really you can't start the third one because this one over here is required.

Where to start? How to deal with it all? I just don't know. And I wish I could talk about them here, but honestly, I can't. For the first time I am truly faced with issues that I can (and will) not share with every one. Which only makes it worse. This didn't make me feel better. Harrumph


tif-do said...

I'm sorry! I hate the kind of stuff that you have to carry alone. I hope you can share the load with someone. Love ya!

Amie said...


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