Help, Thanks.

Today I really missed Will. You see, I had to take his (our) truck in for maintenance because the "Check Engine" light was on. Is taking it in a big deal? No. Why did it make me miss him more? Because I had to call for help*.

The mechanic is about four miles from my house. I took the truck in, and they said it would most likely be all day. I didn't want to be stuck four miles from my house with a three year old in the 110 degree summer. I had to call a friend to come get us. I hadn't even thought about what we would do while the truck was being worked on. Rhayn had camp and was taken care of, but Gwennie? She, as usual, was stuck with me.

My friend picked us up, and drove us to the house. I was so grateful that I have people that I can rely on. Then when the mechanic called to tell me what the damage was ($260 for an oil change, new battery, air filter, vacuum hose, as well as a few other little things) I had to figure out how to get back to the mechanic.

Luckily a second friend was able to take me there, while Rhayn went to her house to play.

If Will were home, we would have had an easier time of it, he and I would have driven separate cars there to drop it off, and then we would have gone together back. I am thankful that the mechanic is good, and not too pricey, and also? Honest. They told me that fixing the oil leak in my car was not worth it. Some mechanics would have charged outrageous amounts of money for something that will never really be fixed. Also I have a few other people who go there and all have lots of nice things to say about them. It makes me feel good, and safe trusting them with my vehicles since I don't have a second half to ask about it.

But I wish he was home, because I am tired of doing it alone. Even though I know I can... I'd rather not have to anymore.

*I have had to ask for help more lately, and its something I really hate to do. I don't know if its because the longer he is gone the more I need help, or if its because I realize I do have people who can help. Or maybe its because I am just tired. It has gotten easier to ask for help, but I still try to do everything on my own first.


bodaat said...

i think that when we get used to living with a partner it's easy to figure out help because ou partner is right there. it's hard when our partner is not here...help becomes harder. and yes, i can totally relate to how you're feeling. but the awesome thing is that our friends are always there to offer a hand!

Jess said...

I know it's not the same, but I can relate a little. Since, Chad & I don't have any family here and he works full time...sometimes it gets hard to get things done. I hate having to ask friends for help, but most people really don't mind. I'm sure your friend didn't either.

Chin up girl!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Yup, had to do that a lot when he was deployed and I was pregnant.. how else would i have gotten that new battery into my car... and how would i have gotten the new rocker, changing table and crib into the house? We all need help sometimes.. It sucks, but it's okay..

Anonymous said...

I know it's rough, but doesn't it make you feel kick-ass?! I was a single mom for the first 5 years of Jared's life and even though it was hard, I was so proud of myself for doing it on my own.
You are doing an AMAZING job and teaching your girls a priceless lesson. They will look back one day and state that they want to be kick-ass like their mom was. :-)
I am so happy that you had an honest mechanic - that is a very rare thing and certainly makes a tough situation a little bit easier.

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