Puppy Capers part Uno

I was getting the mail this afternoon, and minding my own business walking down the street. There were two people standing in the driveway of the house to the north of us. But I was determined to walk to the mailbox, grab my mail and go home. Gwennie was asleep in the car, and it was pretty warm outside.

As I walked I was plowed into by something. In my peripheral I thought it looked just like Lily, but smaller. I didn't turn my full attention to the blur until the man spoke up and said "Is it yours?" I fully looked down and saw a young pup. Probably about three to five months old. I patted her head and the man spoke again, "Cuz, its been just hanging out by us." I told him, no she's not mine. Then walked on to the mailboxes. She followed.

I walked up to Rhayn (who was outside my car watching the events unfold.) She dropped to the ground to pet the puppy. We really looked at her then.
We checked if it was a girl or boy. (Girl.)
Then checked for tags on her collar. Nothing.
I looked at her closely and decided that she probably needed some water and maybe food.

Gwennie woke up and began to coddle her. As we walked to the house, I was still not sure what to do. She followed us to the doorstep, but didn't come in. I went back to the car to get the rest of our stuff. I am almost 100% positive that the girls coaxed her into the house. Then Gwennie let in Lily. (I wanted to give her food and water before letting Lily in. Oh well.)

I had put a roast in the crockpot that morning and the house smelled richly of savory meat. The puppy ran around looking at and smelling everything. Lily wanted to play, and the puppy was town between playing and exploring. The two dogs seemed to get along nicely.

After we ate dinner I told Rhayn to wash her face (*see picture, she had rubbed her face all over a friend's chalkboard. It looked like she had a tie dyed face!) which she did as best she could. Then we put the puppy on a leash and walked her down the road to see if we would find her owner. I just want to say, that it is really hard for me to talk to strangers unless I have a purpose. Asking about the puppy was a perfect reason to talk to a few of the neighbors. It made me brave.

House #1- A man was unloading groceries. He said she wasn't his. But he thought she was pretty charming.

House#2- No one home.

House#3- a Younger woman answered. She said she was housesitting for her mom. She said the dog belonged to house#2 and that the dog always gets out and comes into their yard and garage.

I decided to ask one more house. House #4 said they saw the puppy a few houses down (about where house#2 is.) We took the puppy and went back to the house.

I fed both dogs, and went about my evening chores. Every half hour or so I have gone outside and checked for cars at the house. Nothing. For tonight, I am leaving both dogs in the backyard. I will see if anyone is home at house#2 in the morning. I know I can't just let her go run the street. She is a sweet pup. She still only has puppy teeth. She looks a lot like Lily (and is obviously part, if not full, pitty.) But seriously- Look. at. that. nose! Its hard to imagine that Lily was about the same size when we brought her home. Her lilttle puppy ears so sweet, one black and one white they never seem to be facing the same way. Ahhh

Am I smitten with her? No more than any other dog. But that she looks like Lily a little makes her cuter to me, plus I just love puppies. Do I want to keep her? Maybe just a little, because I see how much happier our Lily is when she has a friend. We are going to be getting another dog. I really do not want another pitbull.


Everyday Mom Designs said...

How cute! I'm glad you were able to take care of her the little while you did.. Maybe her owners will come back soon...?

HomegrownTexan said...

How funny, she looks a lot like our neighbor's dog, who also always gets out. Only this one does it by *jumping* the concrete block fence.

I hope you find the owner soon; I know how quickly the kids (and grownups!) of the house can become attached.

Mo said...

That is how we ended up with four dogs! I seemed to atract lost pups wherever I went for a while back there, but haven't for a while thankfully. We never could find who they belonged to if anyone, and then once they are in the house, well you get kinda attached! Hope you find her owner soon.

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