More May Gardening

Flowers picked by Rhayn from our garden. A lovely surprise on the counter.

This morning after school drop off, Gwennie and I ran into Lowe's to get a few things. We bought 1/2 gph drip heads for some of the plants. I think that the 2gph ones I had were over watering the drought tolerant plants. In the garden section I found some sun shade fabric. I figured with a few of the posts we had in the yard I could fashion a sort of shade for my dear little plants.
About a half an hour and thirty dollars later, I had this.

While I was putting it up, I noticed that even with the heat, many of the seeds I had planted were sprouting. I have one watermelon, a few pumpkins, and corn. (Its the red sweet corn variety.) Also the eggplant that was transplanted is blooming. I must have just gone out there yesterday at the worst possible time. This morning everything feels renewed and fresh. And once again I am looking at a lovely garden.

Watermelon sprout.

Eggplant bloom.

Red sweet corn, not in the raised bed garden, these are growing next to it (notice the concrete block wall to the left.) I was hoping that the garden would help shade them when they are tiny and they would help shade the garden when they are bigger.


Mo said...

I am sure it will all be fine! Everything wilts and looks terrible with the sun on it, but it soon perks up again with some moisture and shade.

HomegrownTexan said...

Looks good! (This is Lisa G., by the way; I'm working on setting up my blog (importing my old posts from LiveJournal)).

bodaat said...

Looking good!

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