In the past few days Gwennie has made some monumental leaps in development.

She drew her very first picture. She has been scribbling circles and lines but never made them into anything. Then on Tuesday, while Rhayn was at gymnastics class, she sat and drew a sun. (I will post a picture of it later.) It was drawn in pink highlighter, but beautiful nonetheless. I asked her what it was, and she said, matter-of-factly "Its a sun, a pink one." After which my heart melted into a pool of love.

Today we went to the pool, and although at first she was cautious of the water and being out in it, she soon found her footing. She played in the water, with her friends, for an hour. An hour that I didn't need to be right on top of her. It. was. awesome.


HomegrownTexan said...

Awwww...yay, Gwennie! There is something really cute and sweet about those first drawings, isn't there?

BrieP said...

madison likes to draw octopus. she doesnt do 8 legs. Kinda looks like a jellyfish.

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