What is with the sticks?

The past few days as I was leaving the house to take Rhayn to school, I have noticed a pile of sticks right outside of my garage (pictured below). At first I thought it must be wind. You know, like wind blew the dead pieces of one of my plants there. But looking around it seems like nothing else was windblown. Maybe I am just in a vortex? I mean we have had strange happenings in our yard before (a microburst a few years back.) With my foot, I swept most of the sticks off to the side. Then proceeded to go about my day. The next day, same thing. Today was the third day of the strange stick pile.

This afternoon, I drove up and noticed a dove sitting on the top of my garage area. I noticed a few sticks there, too. Now this stupid bird seems to be attempting to construct a nest there, its only about 3 inches deep, too. How is it that doves are not extinct? Three summers ago, we had one try to build a nest on the side of Will's grill in a flat area that housed a burner. They tried to use the burner as a base for the nest. We didn't let the birds finish, but the cycle of life was already in progress, so the mother had to lay her egg in the area anyway. Doves are not smart birds. They don't seem to build nests away from predators, or even on stable surfaces.

I really hope they give it up soon, because I am tired of the pile of sticks growing in front of the garage.


Alex's Human said...

I would feel sorry for the dumb thing and build it something more stable to make a nest on.. It would be fun to have baby birds in the yard..

tif-do said...

I didn't know that they would do that, kind of interesting!

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