Here fishy fishy

We decided that Rhayn would get a fish tank for her birthday. Well actually I decided that I wanted to get a fish tank, then she could get a fish. She wanted to put the tank in her room. So I moved m computer off of my desk, to put that in her room. We tried the tank there, but it didn't work. We tried it on her dresser, too. It looked huge and I felt like we could all enjoy it more if we chose a more central location.

In our upstairs game room (or toy room) we have a really nice oak entertainment center. It had a 27 inch, not hooked up, television in it. I moved the tv into the guest room (for the moment at least) and decided that the television spot would be a perfect place to put the fish tank for our whole families enjoyment. It took me a long time to get everything set up. But now we are just letting the water sit for a few days before we go purchase some fish. Rhayn wants goldfish- the fancy kind. Will thought a few small koi would be nice. (They do look like goldfish, so Rhayn is alright with that idea.) I really do not care.

Remember how I moved my desk into Rhayn's room? Well I am currently sitting on the floor with my computer and all of the crap that was hiding in my drawers surrounding me. Its awful. When we went to buy the fish tank, we also stopped at Target. Will and I had gound a pretty nice desk there that would match/go with our bedroom set. However, today when I went to buy it they were out of them. They did have a few other options, including a really nice mission style desk that was actually on sale. But we both felt that the one desk would just look so nice that it was worth the $30 more (fifty more with the mission style desk being on sale.)

I am also planning on buying a couple of big bookcases from Ikea to try to get a handle on the mess that is the toy/game room. I think that I might just be sitting on the floor to type on my computer for a few days until I can decide what to do. Or I could bring the other desk back into my room. I just don't want to keep dragging it back and forth. Seems a waste of my energy, don't you think?

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Everyday Mom Designs said...

A fish! How fun!

Yeah, I always do stuff like that (about the desk)... it seems like most of my efforts to clean things up or organized or whatever add up to be something else entirely.. :)

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