First Bud

My first rosebud this year (An Abraham Darby)

A small cactus we bought at the botanical garden. (Rhayn's choice.)

The succulent Gwennie picked out, she calls this her "little guy."

The "little guy" I bought at the botanical garden, because I have always wanted my very own Old Man of Mexico.


Alex's Human said...

I like that mauve cactus.. and i've always thought those hairy ones were great.. Send some of that spring up here, will ya??

homey said...

that last cactus looks exactly like Cousin It from the Addams Family! love it!

tif-do said...

That is the prettiest colored rose. I like the cactus as well, I wish I could plant stuff... It's still to chilly here, and well, my yard is pure tumble weeds!

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