A Day of Rest

Everyone in the house is sleeping, or trying to. Not me. For the first time in months, I feel relaxed. My shoulders which have felt so tense and loose and soft. My brain feels calm. I want to hold on to this feeling for a little while.

This morning we picked Will up at the airport, his flight was about thirty minutes late (or scheduled to be) so the girls and I sat down to wait. Rhayn and Gwennie had worn their "Daddy" shirt/dress. Rhayn happily sporting the "My Daddy My Hero" shirt and glowing like you wouldn't believe. She was so excited about him coming home. Me? I was scared stiff. I mean a giant pile of nerves. When we saw him walking up the hallway I started shaking and could not stop. My whole body was vibrating like it does when I am cold.

The girls ran up to him, jumping into arms, giving love. I waited back, like I always do. I would love to run up to him in the airport and leap into his arms. But the girls need his reassurance more than I do. I know I will get the hug and kiss after a moment. As we left the airport he mentioned that since it was nearly lunch time, we should all go eat at In-N-Out. So I drove us over where we all enjoyed a burger. Even Gwennie ate most of her burger. The girls sat on one side of the table allowing me to sit next to Will.

At home he took a shower then we watched a movie while he napped. Pretty much the same routine as any time he comes home. Gwennie would not let me near him though. At least not as near as I wanted to be. She squished herself right in beside him, telling me it was her place and do not take it any time she had to get up. It was nice. The day basically went on like that, much snuggling on the couch. Much napping by Will. So much love all around. Gwennie can not stop saying "I love you Daddy!" And telling him that he is home, but then he has to leave again but he will come home after that. She understands, or at least is trying to that he would rather be home.

Lily- oh Lily, she has been up his butt since he got home. She missed him, and is waiting not so very patiently for him to take her for a run. She is currently wearing a cone because a scrape she has on her leg is totally red and looks infected. It is a sad sight. Plus the cone we have is from when she was spayed, therefore it is almost too small to fit over her giant head. She looks so dejected wearing it, too. But she won't stop licking her wound. This was the only way to get it to heal.

Well, I suppose I should go to bed now, too. At least I am going to lay in bed, next to my spouse and read or watch television. Either way- I just want to lay there, near him.


bodaat said...

I saved your blog until last tonight because I knew that if you had posted it would just be such a delicious post. And yes it was. :) I'm very happy for you all Leaner. I have a lump in my throat just thinking about how wonderful today was. :)

Everyday Mom Designs said...

What a wonderful day.. I'm sure the "oh no, are things still the same" feeling has somewhat worn off by now. Enjoy your time.

Amie said...

so glad for you he's home! enjoy it!

leaner said...

Ah, Thanks Bodaat! You are awesome. I wanted to write a lot more gushy stuff, but I was tired.

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