Swinging and a Poppy

Rhayn likes to swing, as most kids her age do. She likes best, to swing barefoot and has mastered removal of shoes and socks while mid swing.

She is also quite a good hoolahooper (is that a word?) Not as good as my mom, who at 50 still rocks a hula hoop like you wouldn't believe. But Rhayn will be the hula hoop queen soon.

These are some "weeds"growing in my front yard. I planted flower seeds back in November in hope of sowing spring flowers, but it looks like the poppies have had the right amount of rain to start growing. I am watering these a little, in hopes of blooms. Some of them are actual weeds. There are located only in one part of the yard, because our HOA has given me nasty grams (and fines) because of weeds.


Amy said...

Those are two impressive skills -- especially being able to remove socks and shoes while swinging!

We too have received our share of HOA "nasty-grams". (Great word, by the way!) I hope your poppys are able to bloom without recieving any such notices.

Everyday Mom Designs said...

Great pictures and memories!

I'm sorry to hear you're sick too. It's awful when mommies are sick! I hope you feel better soon. :)

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