Happy 30th Bro!

A young family.
Three Bloggers and a Boy.

I was a wee 14 month old when he arrived. I don't remember anything from my life before him. And lets just say, that although we fought as all good siblings do from time to time, we have always gotten along. Never stayed mad for more than a few hours.
Who did that to my hair?

Happy Birthday G'Rat. I love you, man. (And your 30s are going to be great! I know mine are.)G'Rat and Wife, PurpleLurple


purplelurple said...

lol I was being nice and didnt put anything up. Love the pictures of him as a kido.

Amie said...

Happy birthday to you G!

And look how cute we are! =)

tif-do said...

What a cute group of kids... poor boy having to hang out with all them crazy girls!

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