The list. All crossed off- done.

Today we had yet another "cookathon". This one went off without too much of a hitch. (Ok, there was an emergency doctor visit, but that was not due to the cooking, it was something else entirely.)
Arroz con Pollo.

We had planned this one even better, I think. And instead of the up all night cooking and cleaning, the cooking was done by 7. There was really only clean up to do after that.

This month we attempted some new meals, including parmesan chicken and tamale pie. I do think we use a little too much meat in the meals, but it is so nice at night to have meals aplenty in the freezer. I have not really had to cook much since we started this. And my grocery bill has gone way down (I was running to the grocery store every few days to pick up something for dinner that night.)

The very best part, I have decided, is the companionship. It is a feeling that you rarely get now. Working together is the best thing in the world, the best and quickest way to feel connected to someone. If you are ever feeling distant from your spouse, work on the house, make a garden, paint something- together. As long as it is together you really are building a solid basis for your relationship. Now I am not saying that will make it easy. Relationships are still hard. I just always feel closer to Will when we work together. I miss that feeling. The accomplishment that we finished a job, the satisfaction that we did it- together. I miss him.


Doulala said...

I would LOVE to do something like this!

Amy said...

That's quite a feat! And the recipe line-up looked delicious. Who's house do you work at? Who buys all the ingredients? Plans the menu? Is that all a conjoined effort?

Good tip about feeling closer with your spouse. I ought to try that more often. Get some house/yard work done AND work on the relationship. Brilliant!

I can tell how much you miss your dear Will. I will pray the Lord will bring you two back together--forever--very, very, very soon.

Amie said...

wow, great for you!!

bodaat said...

Love the white-board!!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

This is amazing.. I think I want to try it one day... not to the extreme that you did, but something like it.. :)

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