Itchy Scratchy on My Backy

Remember back in the summer when I was complaining about a rash? Well its totally back (not that it completely went away before). No way to blame it on the summer heat this time. I have to concede that it really is just stress that causes it. It all started about the time we went to San Diego, and has steadily gotten worse. Although it is no where as bad as it was in the summer.

Its hard to scratch it, and nearly impossible to not scratch it.

The very fist outbreak of this, I noticed was the weekend Will and I celebrated our anniversary last year. It was earlier than our actual anniversary, because he was leaving. And pretty much since then, I have been plagued by it in one spot or another.

Can anyone come over, and scratch my back? I feel like finding a nice tree and rubbing on that for a while.


bodaat said...

I used to get stress rashes too when I was younger. I would get firey hot small bumps that would then turn in to one HUGE bump - kinda like a huge mosquito bite. Then my stress took it out on me via TMJ which I still struggle with. I have to wear a mouthpeeth (mouth piece in listhp) when I sleep. And yes I totally listhp when I have it in. ;-)

Everyday Mom Designs said...

My sister gets that too.. She used to get a rash on her stomach when she stressed out, and then it was her arm... then a few months ago, she had it on her face.. But now, I think it is on her stomach again..

Strange what the body does, isn't it?

Mo said...

I can totally relate to stress caused issues. I am a total stress ball too and my stress manifests itself in my aching neck unfortunately. I hope you find a nice tree, (or a nice person), and get some relief soon!

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