This is Bingo. She is a nice looking goat, is she not?

Well Bingo thinks she is the master of the house (keeper of the zoo.) In fact she tries to bully the German Shepard she runs around with. She will stick out her tongue and sort of wag it, and blow raspberries at you.

Now Bingo, that is just a silly face.
Oh Bingo, you just look ridiculous!

(Thankfully her silliness totally changed my mood, she cracked me up today.)


Amy said...

Hilarious! Thanks to Bingo's adorable little face my mood has been changed too. : )

tif-do said...

I always wanted a goat.

bodaat said...

Oooooh, do you have a goat of your own??

leaner said...

Sadly- or maybe not- she is not my goat. She is my friend's goat. I personally have no desire to have my own goat... well maybe so I don't have to mow the lawn.

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