Illness and Pain

Gratuitous picture of Alice and her buddy Gwennie. She sleeps like this almost every night. Floh sleeps in Rhayn's room, Mean Kitty usually about my head on my pillow (where Beckham used to sleep.)

Yesterday, after my side pain got to a certain level, I took some tylenol with codeine.

Have I talked about that pain? Not very much? Well here is a quick background.

Since Juneish my right side/abdomen/lower back has hurt, usually after sitting for a long time (car trips, classes) or just at the end of the day. It sometimes is a sharp pain. If I were to do a sun salutation, and bend over to touch my toes, the pain nearly makes me double over (or it would were I not already doubled over). I have been to the doctor, he thinks it is muscular. We did an ultrasound because I have had ovarian cysts before. Nothing is amiss in my pelvic area. The doctor sent me home with a prescription for tylenol3 and also naproxen500. The tylenol3 makes me feel out of it, and tired. The naproxen takes the pain away much better as does ranger candy (that would be 800 mg ibuprofen for those of you who don't know). But last night, like an idiot I grabbed the wrong bottle. (I have since put it away in the closet with other prescriptions I filled but do not take- like Zoloft.)

Sometime around 9 I lay down to sleep. Only I kept waking up because I would stop breathing. Seriously- scary. I would just forget to breath. This went on for about two hours. I sat there, watching Frasier on DVD and trying to make myself remember to breath. It felt like a weight was on my chest. It freaked me out. I went through the "would my kids know what to do if something happened to me?" The answer, no. I need to teach Rhayn about 911. I looked at the side effects of T3- breathing difficulty is on there.

After some time, my right nostril started pouring like a faucet, and I finally realized that it wasn't the T3 that was causing my breathing woes. It was this cold that apparently I had caught. Joy. I took a suphedrine, and within a half hour I could breath easily again. (It was midnight by that time.)

This has left me worried. What if something happened to me? It isn't likely, I know, but what would the girls do? Today I plan to teach Rhayn about 911. Although I am having a hard time getting my butt in gear. I already had to run out and pick up our co-op produce. Tonight is the Halloween carnival at Rhayn's school. They are really looking forward to it. I know it will be fun, I will probably have to medicate myself a little to make it through the few hours of it.

I finally received approval for physical therapy on Friday, so Monday I will call and make an appointment. I am really hoping that I will be able to resolve this pain. Lately it has been numb at night. Like when you get an epidural and you touch your lower half. You know how that feels- like dead flesh? I mean you know you are touching it, and you can sort of feel it, but you could probably prick it with needles and not know until the blood was oozing out. Yeah, that is how my right hip area has felt lately. (Did I mention also, that I have a yeast infection. When it rains if freaking pours, huh?)

Oh, and last night, as I was sitting downstairs, both girls were in bed. Gwennie was in my bed, looking at books. I heard her scream, a blood curdling, fearful scream. I panicked, thinking she fell off the bed and was bleeding everywhere. (That flight of stairs allowed my mind just long enough to go through a few the worst case scenarios.) She had hit her head on the headboard. There was a nasty bump that was already huge in the 3 minutes it took me to get to her. Other than that she was fine. I took her downstairs with me, and monitored her. We snuggled on the couch and she fell asleep.

This morning Rhayn let me sleep on the couch while they ate breakfast and played with megablocks. I was once again so grateful for her, and how much of a help she is most of the time.

I think that if I am going to make it through the Halloween carnival tonight, I need to take a nap. I wonder what movie the girls would like to watch? And I am sorry if this post is all over the place. I reread it a few times and added a few paragraphs but then it totally screwed up my story. But I guess since I feel scatterbrained today its alright that my post is scattered!


HomeSlice said...

ugh. sick and no sleep! that's a good reason to have a blog post that's all over the place. i hope you get some relief soon :-)

leaner said...

I did get some sleep- and I felt better afterward.

Amy said...

Mystery pain is the worst! With no diagnosis there is no real treatment plan and often that lends itself to too much time to ponder all the horrible, terrible, awful, dibilitating, disfiguring conditions it could be. Or is that just me?

Hope you are feeling better.

leaner said...

Nope, not just you. And the internet diagnosis is the worst. (I haven't found anything about this particular pain in all my searches!)

Mo said...

I am so sorry, it is horrid feeling this way anyway, but being alone makes it much worse! :(

I too have all kinds of wierd aches and sensations these days, and also like you and Amy have terrified myself with all the awful things it could be. I absolutely no longer look on the internet because........ well you know!

Do you think it could be your lower back? Just a vague thought but I think a lot of my wierd s/s come from back issues I have. (Ah another wonderful legacy from years of lifting patients!)

Feel better soon!! I am sure PT will sort this one out for you. x

Mo said...

Oh, and I also think stress does terrible and strange things to our bodies. It certainly does to mine and I am not in any way under the sort of stress that you are right now!

bodaat said...


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