Some Fun with Animals

One of Rhayn's very bestest friends in her class lives near us. Last week her friend came to our house for the half day. This week, Rhayn went to hers. Now the thing you need to know about L's house is that it is located on the very edge of town, on two and a half fairly wild acres. They have a wide array of animals- and iguana, chickens, guineafowl, goats, dogs, and most importantly- horses.
L's mom has asked me if I would like to let the girls ride her good ole' boy, Norman. The girls have really looked forward to this. But its been way too hot. Finally yesterday, while Rhayn was at her playdate, L's mom called and asked if Rhayn could ride Norman. I told her yes, and we would come over so Gwennie could also ride.
L's mom saddled up Norman, and we placed Gwennie in the saddle. You have never seen a happier child. It was like she was in a candy store, only better. I think the only way her smile could have been bigger is if the horse walked through a candy store.
See what I mean? Pure bliss on that face.
Gwennie held on tightly and sat as straight as she could, loving every minute of it. Then it was Rhayn's turn. She loved it, but was not nearly as blissed out as Gwennie.
This goat kept trying to play with everyone. She headbutts, and hurt both of the girls. But they still thought she was pretty neat.
Are guineafowl not the ugliest? They are mean, too. I dislike them. I have been know to walk briskly away from them at the zoo, too.


HomeSlice said...

so THAT'S what a guineafowl is. yeah, i don't like them just based on looks!

the day on the "farm" looked like a ton of fun!

... said...

Aww I wish I could ride a horse.

Amy said...

What, no pictures of you on Norman? No ride for the mommy?

Better watch out...Gwennie's gonna start asking for a horse for her birthday (if she hasn't already!).

Mo said...

So sweet, she looks like she is in total heaven. Not much beter than seeing pure joy on a little girls face.

Christina said...

That guineafowl looks mean, I'd stay away too. But the pictures on horseback are priceless! She looks so ecstatic, it's great. You know what's going to be at the top of her Christmas list, don't you? :)

... said...

and this is why we are having a my little pony birfday partay!

Amie said...

how fun for the girls! Looks like you're gonna have a rather expensive hobby comin' up some day! =)

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