The Poor Thing.

Last night it stormed here, as Gwennie would say, "a big one." That means fifty or so mile and hour winds, with bursts of more. And lovely, needed rain. The wind came from the south. It hit my bedroom as I was finishing up Breaking Dawn, the house was shaking. Rhayn stirred, walking to my room and telling me that it was storming. I walked her into her room (it is on the north side of the house.) She could see the storm from her window, but couldn't feel it like I could.

I listened to the storm, since the last few chapters of Breaking Dawn were so disappointing to me. There was a strange noise, it sounded like really big skateboarders zipping down the road. When I looked outside I laughed, because it was stray trash bins. They had broken from their yards, and were trying to escape. Ours only made it into the neighbor to the north's yard. Some made it half a block or so.

This morning when we awoke and looked outside, I saw that the tree in my front yard had blown over. It does this all of the time. The roots close to the surface, the drip line was too close to the base of the tree for too long. Its like a ball joint. I easily picked it back up and tied it to the poles. Then I noticed the neighbors tree. The shoestring acacia, that although I am slightly sensitive to, I love. (It has even had babies all over our yard, which we are letting grow, hoping to enjoy them.) The poor tree had blown completely over. That thing was at least as tall as our two story house. Now, it is no more.
(No one lives in that house right now, no one will go outside and try to fix it. No one will lovingly attend to it, because it is just another lost house, probably in foreclosure.)


Mo said...

I would be thinking exactly the same thing as you about the tree.
:( We were lucky not to lose any trees, just branches. The rain smelt Soooo good though!

Christina said...

That's too bad about the tree, how sad! Glad everyone is safe and sound after the storm.

abeNanna said...

It's a good thing your trees kept breaking off or else they may have blown over as well. Love ya

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