Dress Forms

Who wants to come to my house and tape me all up?

I was looking at dress forms online. You see today I was recycling one of Will's old dress shirts into a shirt for myself. (I used this how-to, but changed it up a bit. I might post a picture later.) I had to keep putting it on and taking it off. With. Pins. In. (Ouch.) I think having a dress form would make sewing for myself a lot easier, especially if I needed to place straps. (I had Rhayn help me on the dress I made before.)

Lo and behold, a cheap and easy two person way to make a dress form! Using DUCT TAPE! What fun.

So, any takers? Or do I have to try to talk Will into this when he is home? (Not that I think he would totally be opposed to this idea, because come on it LOOKS cool, and its totally cheap! Our favorite price.)


Alex's Human said...

well, whoever gets to be the one to cover you in duct tape better take a lot of pictures.. this looks like it's gonna be a hoot!

... said...

Stacey or I would love to wrap you in duck tape. but only if i get to tape your mouth too!!

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