I think I finally caught up on sleep yesterday. At least I felt that way until about an hour ago. My body started dragging around then.

This morning I sewed a little doll to match a boppy cover I had made for a certain lovely sister of mine. The girls enjoyed cutting fabric while I sewed. I am so lucky because they are such good kids (most of the time).

I guess I really do not have anything to say. Geesh. I feel lame. But I do feel emotionally better than I did a few days ago, and that makes life better. Believe me, that feeling I had, the feeling of impending doom, was not fun. Feeling exhausted and afraid, while trying to make food and keep up with a couple of active children, was hard.

Saturday morning I forced myself to get up and work in my garden. We planted cucumbers, sugar snap peas (who knows if those are the right thing to plant this time of year. The chart said snap beans, but what are those?) As well as yellow calabasitas (squash.) We also tore out the old sunflowers and planted the autumn beauty kind. Autumn beauty sunflowers come in a range of oranges, browns, and golden yellows, plus they are the kind that you can cut and put inside in a vase. The last ones we planted were Mammoths. They produced a lot of seeds, which we will be roasting in a few days. I am hopeful that we will get at least a few decent vegetables out of the garden this fall. I wanted to plant sweet corn, but didn't find the seeds. I know those need to get planted as soon as possible if we hope for them to grow.

We also picked up our second produce basket from Bountiful Baskets.
7 sweet potatoes
way too many green beans
6 carrots
a head of curly leafed lettuce
6 beefsteak tomatoes
tuscan canteloupe
4 white peaches

I want to say more, but I didn't write down what was in there. It was smaller this time, aside from like 4 meals worth of green beans... tee hee.


Mo said...

I found snap beans at Home Depot a few weeks ago before I started compacting! They are what I think we call runner beans in the UK and are the really long, flat ones.

... said...

we found our sweet corn seeds at home depot. but I have some extra if you want some. They say they are only good for this year.

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