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1) Who's your favorite character?
I love Bella, but I am not sure who is my favorite character. She seems whiny sometimes. I adore Jacob.

2) Which character are you most like?
This is a hard one. I know that I want to say Bella or maybe Jacob, but honestly I think I am most like Angela. I am oblivious to what is going on around me.

3) Team Edward or Team Jacob?
Team Jacob. Its not that Edward isn't swoon worthy. He is. Oh he is. But Jacob and Bella make more sense, and if she were with him, she would have a more normal life. Jacob is so passionate in his love to Bella and if you are going to live in a cold place, having a heater for a boyfriend is just a bonus.

4) What are your predictions for Breaking Dawn?
(Don't kill me Amie... ok?) During a battle with the Volturi (or maybe a different force) Edward will be killed while saving Bella, or maybe he will make the sacrifice of himself in order to save her HUMAN life . Bella will eventually seek out Jacob and although she will mourn the loss of her vampire, she will live a long and happy life with her werewolf. The Cullen's and werewolves will continue to live a relatively stable life- side by side.

5) What do you think Bella's power will be? None, since she will not become a Vampire. But if I am wrong, she will be able to stop attacks from Vampires with her mind. She will know when those attacks are about to happen and stop them easily. Thus saving Edward the embarrassment of laying on the floor shuddering whenever Jane uses her power.

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Amie said...

um. wow. I'm speechless. lol. Steph would never do that to her fans, lol!! Great predictions though, very original! (you shoulda videotaped it!)

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