So wrong, on so many levels.

A new pill is going on sale next week, and it's marketed for times when kids need a little more than a kiss to make an owie go away. It's just a placebo as Tuesday's New York Times reports, a sugar pill. This non-medication is called Obecalp, or placebo spelled backwards. The pills are the brainchild of a mother who lives in Maryland, and they're being sold as a dietary supplement.

OBECALP the new drug for kids who need drugs. Your kid falls and gets hurt? OK! Just give him a sugar pill! Your child is fussy? SUGAR PILL!

I am appalled that anyone would think this is a good idea. I heard the into to a story on NPR and immediately thought "Yup, American's think ANYTHING can be cured with a pill or by a doctor. Why not that, too? Now kids can think for an early age that drugs are the best answer!"

On NPR they had Douglas Kamerow talk about it. His words were perfect.


Mo said...

I also listened with HORROR at the prospect of this "sugar pill" as a parent, and as a nurse. Whatever next, I ask you?! The commentary on NPR was great, and so on the mark. I truly wonder what this world is coming to sometimes!

tif-do said...

WOW!!! I can't really think of anything else to say other than what a stupid stupid idea.

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