I run up the stairs, as I am trying to make dinner, but the upstairs screaming fest is just too loud to ignore. I come upon Gwennie first, sobbing and screaming.
"What happened?"
"Sister hit me!" sob "Wif!"sob "A!" sob "Book!" sob sob.
Angry monster wells up in me, and I want to spank Rhayn, I won't but I want to, really badly. I can not believe she hit her sister with a book.
Whimpering Rhayn comes out of her hiding spot in the bathroom.
"Why did you hit your sister?" (I am a little calmer now.)
"Well, she hit me first. And, I felt really unloved."

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abeNanna said...

Isn't sisterhood great? Hang in there, they will grow up and be gone before you blink so enjoy all the crazy moments. Of course, I wanted to slap people every time they told me that, just didn't know how true it was at the time.

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