Fifteen More Mintues, PLEASE

Your child wakes you up at 6 am, with their crying, whining about nothing, and you lay there wishing for just FIFTEEN minutes more of sleep. Your eyes roll back, and your heads droops. You curl into the fetal position. They continue to SCREAM. You have no idea what is going on and you know it will be a bad day because once again, she was up until 9:30 the night before.

She wakes up the older child. Who also went to bed late. Grumpiness WILL abound at your house today, and you know that is a fact.

At seven, you give up on getting that fifteen more minutes of sleep, it is time to get out of bed, no more lounging around. Groggily you walk downstairs, kids and dog following you. Groggily you make them some oatmeal. Groggily you make a lunch, hoping that at some point the fog will lift from your head because laundry has piled so high it gave you a nightmare the night before. (The INSANITY! you couldn't get it all into the machine, and the pile just kept growing and growing.)

Instead of starting right away, your butt meets the computer chair, and your eyes glaze over into the blogosphere and you know that if any one will understand this haze- these folks will. And maybe you will get some advice on getting these darlings to sleep better. Because if you don't get a good night's sleep soon, you are going to go off the deep end into dementia.


tif-do said...

Benedryl is good, real good. Just Joking. I don't know what to tell you. Sleep deprivation sucks... that much I know. Routine seems to help... same bed time every night, but other than that I'm sure there is no magic formula.

Mo said...

I am there too! I feel so sleep deprived that I am walking about in a haze today. We are the house of sickness right now, and restless sleep abounds.

I am about to try to go and sit down while the girls are asleep/ watching a movie, (I know
that's bad, but what else to do?)

I hope that you catch up on some sleep, and manage to tackle the multiple loads of washing. I also have a ton. Where does it all come from, I mean didn't I do two loads the day before yesterday, and now I have at least two more. Line drying each load doesn't seem like such a fun idea at this point! :(

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