Mama Monday #1 ~Door

Thanks to Amy for starting up a new tradition. Mama Monday. I know its Tuesday, and I know that chances are I will post these every Tuesday, but I want to be a part of it none-the-less!

I am opening the door to my soul slowly. I am trying to let others in. I want people to know me and to know that the door works both ways. I want them to find me easy to talk to and easy to get along with.

This is hard for me. I have had my door shut and locked for so long that it is stuck. I need WD-40 on the hinges to allow it to easy swing open. But with each time I open it, the squeak lessens and the door opens more easily.

This blog is one way I have opened that door. With it I allow parts of myself I would normally hide away to see the light. Even though I know people, like my mom and sister and cousins read it. It has allowed me to say things I normally wouldn't say. This has carried over into real life.

The part of me that compliments and tells people that I am glad to see them is open. It swings easily to allow me to say these things in emails and comments as well as to their face. It also allows me to accept these in return.

The door to my self was a giant heavy metal door, with multiple locks and only one key. That door is gone and hopefully soon it will have a nice glass door in its place. Maybe I will keep a wooden door behind it just in case I need to be alone. But I hope to leave it open and clear and free most of the time.

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Amy Linder said...

Yay! Really great post. Thanks for playing along - I love it!

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